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High Caffeine Coffee vs. Regular Coffee: What’s The Difference?

High Caffeine Coffee vs. Regular Coffee: What’s The Difference?

High Caffeine Coffee vs. Regular Coffee: What’s The Difference?

The difference between high caffeine coffee and regular coffee comes down to the beans used and multiple factors used in the brewing process, including grain, water and brewing technique. No two cups of coffee are completely the same and coffee beans can vary wildly in caffeine content depending on factors such as brewing technique, roast level, bean type, and serving size. When you roast coffee beans, they lose water and expand in size, and the longer you roast the coffee beans, the more caffeine is lost (when measured in scoops). Essentially that means a medium roast tends to have more caffeine when compared to darker roasts. 

When at home and grinding high caffeine coffee beans, the size of your coffee grounds impacts the caffeine content in your final brew. Remember, water passes through the grinds extracting the flavors and of course the caffeine in the process. A finer ground coffee will have more surface area compared to coarse ground coffee, the finer ground allows more caffeine to be extracted. This is seen with espresso, which has more caffeine that a typical cup of drip brewed coffee since it is made with a very fine ground.  Additionally, water is a huge factor in determining not only how your coffee tastes but the caffeine content as well. Hot water that is between 195°F and 205°F will extract much more caffeine than water at other temperatures. Cold brew coffees, for example, contain much less caffeine compared to hot brew coffee.

As for the beans, there are many varieties of coffee beans all which  naturally contain different amounts of caffeine. However, the most commonplace bean in the world, Arabica coffee beans, have less caffeine in them than Robusta coffee beans.  Despite Arabica beans accounting for over 70% of the coffee beans in the world, it is Robusta coffee beans that have almost twice the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica coffee beans.  

Long brewing times can also lead to more caffeine in your coffee. A typical drip coffee maker with a filter tends to produce the most caffeine because of its extended brewing time of 5 minutes.  Instant coffee however is created from brewed coffee that’s been freeze-dried or spray-dried.  Instant coffee, typically in large chunky pieces that dissolve in water, contains significantly less caffeine as a consequence than even regular drip brewed coffee. 

What does it all add up to?  Well the typical 8 oz. coffee cup of Arabica drip brewed coffee can typically have 100mg of caffeine, perhaps at the most 200mg if the brew is Robusta beans.   Contrast this with our double-strength high caffeine coffee that gets its vigor from the formula of beans we use and our roasting method.  Instead of the typical 100% Arabica coffee beans, we create a custom blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. 

The Robusta coffee beans lend the extra caffeine kick while the Arabica coffee beans maintain that delicious flavor that we all crave. Hence Killa Caffeine’s medium-dark roasted Arabica-Robusta coffee blend, in addition to being strong also tastes fantastic with a wonderfully rich chocolate and nut flavor profile. 

So on those especially trying mornings, consider substituting your regular cup of coffee for something with twice the kick maximizing the rise-and-shine powers of caffeine.   Killa Caffeine is a  rich, highly concentrated brew, doubling typical caffeine levels, with a reputation for being a real eye-opener.

We are constantly vetting our coffee sources globally to ensure you get both flavor and strength you’ve come to expect from Killa Caffeine using both only USDA certified organic and fair trade certified Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Our commitment to ethical, sustainable sourcing is just as important to us as the quality of our unique brew. 

Next time it’s hard to get yourself going in the morning without a cup of coffee to start your day, be mindful that little extra jolt of high caffeine can help jump-start your system preparing you for the day ahead.  You’ll find Killa Caffeine increases the circulation of serotonin through your nervous system elevating both your mood and energy level, all while improving your clarity of thought and short term memory.   

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